Get up and go…….!!

This flowering bush in Triangle Park

It is the official plant of what Province?

I suspect we might have a few answers – so to make it interesting – will you be the 11th reader to inform me of the answer.

Gift not specified – but will be tested/tasted by the winner.

Submit now!!!

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16 Responses to Get up and go…….!!

  1. Sandi Thibodeau says:

    Kousa Dogwood. B.C.’s official flower is the Pacific Dogwood.

    Publisher: There are a number of “types” of Dogwood.

    The Pacific dogwood (Cornus nuttallii) was adopted in 1956 as B.C.’s floral emblem. The Pacific Dogwood is a tree that grows six to eight metres high, and flowers in April and May.

    • Gail Blidook says:

      I agree. Upon closer look it is the Kousa Dogwood.

      Publisher: Now you have done it! – if this IS NOT Pacific Dogwood – we are at a crossroads with no financial support to hire an expert. I think I shall wait it out and reward #11 anyways lol

  2. Gale KLECKNER says:

    British Columbia

  3. Linda Isaak says:

    Official flower of B.C., the dogwood.

    Publisher: I think we have a winner. You ladies do the count. For the record there are two dog wood bushes that I have spotted (you may know other locations) – one at Kiwanis Park and the one I found at Triangle Park when asked to take a picture.

    Now go back to the story – 11th correct answer.

  4. Gail Blidook says:

    This is the Pacific Dogwood. Its blossoms became the floral emblem for B.C. in 1956. Did you know it is actually illegal to pick this flower in B.C.?

  5. Pat Taylor says:

    Ontario’s flower.

    The trillium

  6. Linda Mahyr says:

    Dogwood was adopted in 1956 as the official floral emblem of British Columbia.

  7. Maureen Bott says:

    It is the Pacific Dogwood, the official flower of British Columbia.

  8. Cindy Gosling says:


  9. Diane Stephenson says:

    Kousa dogwood


  10. Carolyn Madge says:

    Had a closer look and decided it must be a Japanese snowball. Should wear my readers moor often!

  11. Pauline M Grey says:

    Pacific Dogwood…. B.C. official flower…..

  12. Carolyn Madge says:

    A beautiful British Columbia dogwood. Stunning!

  13. Jack Gillick says:

    Dogwood. BC official flower/tree. Dogwood certificate for graduating high school.

  14. Eleanor Moyer says:

    British Columbia, of course!

  15. Lia Pinske says:

    It’s the dogwood tree which is BCs provincial flower!!

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