Health Ministry says no to local doctors

Local Oliver and Osoyoos doctors have been told NO.

No is the answer given to them when they asked for parity in pay with ER physicians in Penticton. Local Drs. have said they might withdraw services in July but Interior Health is now saying it has a contingency plan for August. Perplexing for the public which is the last to know what is really going on. This battle is seeing many rural hospitals without standard Emergency Room coverage all year long. Officials in the Health Ministry indicate a glimmer of hope for some solution and policy announcement to be made – but no specifics.

“It was very disappointing to learn that the Ministry of Health,
Physicians’ Compensation Evaluation Committee refused our Doctors’
application for additional funding but I am hoping that Minister de Jong can
still consider options beyond the Evaluation Committee’s mandate”.

“I am advised that SOGH has a contingency plan which will cover the month of
August but beyond that I cannot comment except to say that I appreciate the
incredible effort being put out by our Doctors, Nurses and support staff
while they care for our residents and keep our SOGH Emergency Department

“I hope that the Provincial Government will find a method of overcoming the
financial shortfall and pay inequity before there is a tragic event
resulting from delays after August 2011. Oliver Town Council will continue
to support our local Doctors in any way we can”.

Pat Hampson,
Mayor, Town of Oliver

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