Bail granted

Roderick Flavell, 62, was released by Judge Michelle Daneliuk Thursday on a recognizance according to the BC Prosecution Service.

Flavell is accused of manslaughter in the death of his 61 year old spouse Tina Seminara.

On April 8. She was rushed to hospital after being found by RCMP severely beaten at their Osoyoos home, and died nine days later.

Conditions of Flavell’s bail include obeying a nightly curfew, restrictions on alcohol consumption and limits on possession of weapons.

Flavell is due in court again July 22.

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3 Responses to Bail granted

  1. Pat Hampson says:

    You are absolutely correct Mike. The justice system is so obsessed with ensuring guilty parties do not have their rights infringed upon that the victim is re-victimized.

  2. Kathleen Becker says:

    unreal! kill your’e spouse, and free again within a week. ok, just don’t drink, go to bed at 8 o’clock and you are free to go. so hard to believe!!
    it is becoming a very scary world.

    Publisher: Mike, Pat, Kathleen -in our free society, our legal system – a person (male or female) is not guilty of a criminal offence until that is proven in a court of law.

    I cannot agree more the present Canadian Justice system sponsored by the Conservative Party, the Liberal Party and the Old Democrats – is biased AGAINST the victim, it is also supportive of a lawyer based system where the most delays mean larger fees and in most cases at the total expense of taxpayers. There should be more public SHAMING.

    Judges should not be lawyers – but the system as designed almost insures injustice.

  3. Mike Monaghan says:

    Thank you judge. All the ladies of Osoyoos can sleep safely in their beds tonight then. I’m sure all the victims of spousal abuse will cheer and bang their pots and pans tonight in recognition of our wonderful justice system.

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