Advertising – what is it?

A message is broadcast, published in a newspaper, heard on radio, seen on television. etc. etc.

You get it!

For the dozens of businesses who support ODN


For the many that do not – here is the challenge.

Try Oliver Daily News – ask for a rate card and advice on how to get the biggest bang for your buck in the days ahead when the economy starts to re-bound.

Young fellow advertising his work said today – “I asked for 3 ads – you gave me 4. After the first ad I had a lot of inquiries and business that sure paid for the ad.”

Advertising does work – if you can get someone to do it for free – all the merrier – but both newspapers and web sites competing in this market need your faith, trust and “your cheque in the mail”

It works. At Oliver Daily News – I like to say no guarantees are given. Some advertisers have been supporting ODN for ten years. They know.

It must work.

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