Oliver’s June Half-Iron events cancelled


Thanks for reaching out.

I made the difficult decision in the third week of March to not produce the events in Oliver this year. The utmost of concern was bringing in 1500+ athletes, families and spectators to the Oliver community and potentially overwhelming the community’s health care resources that may have already been stretched with the current situation.

With such amazing support year over year from the community with volunteers, we were concerned with the potential extra exposure that this may bring the town. Our athletes have also faced training challenges with facilities being closed, with safety at the forefront when we make decisions, we just couldn’t risk the health and safety of our host community, volunteers, athletes and crew.

The Town and Parks and Rec were notified early on and obviously understand the decision, which was reinforced not too many days after it was made by BC’s medical officer of health issuing the mandate to not allow large gatherings for the foreseeable future.

You can read our full announcement here: http://www.dynamicraceevents.com/covid-19-update/

We are already planning our return to our favourite venue in 2021!

Angie Woodhead
Organizer | Owner
Dynamic Events

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Bail granted

Roderick Flavell, 62, was released by Judge Michelle Daneliuk Thursday on a recognizance according to the BC Prosecution Service.

Flavell is accused of manslaughter in the death of his 61 year old spouse Tina Seminara.

On April 8. She was rushed to hospital after being found by RCMP severely beaten at their Osoyoos home, and died nine days later.

Conditions of Flavell’s bail include obeying a nightly curfew, restrictions on alcohol consumption and limits on possession of weapons.

Flavell is due in court again July 22.

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by Rob Hopkins

Why do we need TFW’s (Transient Fruit Workers) and Quebecois to reap our crops?

Locals will not work in the hot sun for up to 60 hours a week with no over-time pay and paid minimum wage. Somehow, those that refuse are labeled lazy. Most jobs are self explanatory, so why don’t you, yes, you that is now reading this, go make a few extra bucks out on the farm. We, as a society, expect others to do this work so that we, who all make more money than these labourers, can purchase fruit and vegetables more cheaply and keep the farms viable.

If these workers are therefore so important to our way of life, why are they treated like crap. Hard, laborious work is worth zero, but if you invest money from the comfort of your armchair, the govt will only tax half of your profits as capital gains. WTF (Where is Tne Fruit?)!?

Work is to be an offer (wages, job to be done, etc) from the employer, and a voluntary acceptance of these conditions by the employee. Unfortunately, as wage slaves, the employees agree to these conditions due to a lack of better options. Is this then the foundation of our society? Those without an education, regardless of reasons (inferior intellect, personality incompatibility, life choices, etc), are to blame, yes blame, for their own living hell, and deserve to work in this endless loop of despair so that we may have cheap products to buy as our own wages have not kept up with inflation.

We, the working class, are all in the same boat, but the ruling class keeps us continually at each others throats so that the status quo of their life of luxury is not negatively affected. Like it or not, you too feel that you are above doing this manual labour on the farm, and voluntarily do the work of the elites to ensure that you remain one of us with options, and not on the other side of the line comprised of those without.

Robin Hopkins

PS Editor’s note – are you in the “ruling class”? – do you own your own home, walk with confidence and that there is gold in the basement?

I don’t have the answer or all the answers I just think we need to talk a bit more about what what is the right direction – shall it leave it here and hope for intelligent responses.

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Advertising – what is it?

A message is broadcast, published in a newspaper, heard on radio, seen on television. etc. etc.

You get it!

For the dozens of businesses who support ODN


For the many that do not – here is the challenge.

Try Oliver Daily News – ask for a rate card and advice on how to get the biggest bang for your buck in the days ahead when the economy starts to re-bound.

Young fellow advertising his work said today – “I asked for 3 ads – you gave me 4. After the first ad I had a lot of inquiries and business that sure paid for the ad.”

Advertising does work – if you can get someone to do it for free – all the merrier – but both newspapers and web sites competing in this market need your faith, trust and “your cheque in the mail”

It works. At Oliver Daily News – I like to say no guarantees are given. Some advertisers have been supporting ODN for ten years. They know.

It must work.

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A message from the Mayor

Mayor Martin Johansen – Town of Oliver

Under the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, Emergency Management BC (EMBC) is the lead coordinating agency in the provincial government for all emergency management and business continuity activities.

EMBC is working with local governments, First Nations, federal departments, industry, non-government organizations and volunteers to provide provincial support and information in-order to ensure the province is best positioned to effectively respond to COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Town of Oliver would like to thank Emergency Management BC for the funding provided to the Town’s Emergency Operations Centre for the following activities in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

 Porta Potties (for domestic farm workers and vulnerable population). Funding is for 2 months (Starting May 1 – June 30). Porta potties with hand washing stations will be installed at the Town owned lot on Main Street, Visitor Information Centre and empty lot on Station Street (adjacent to the Food Bank).

 Bilingual Signage will be installed in parks, ballfields, beaches, hike & bike etc. that speaks to social distancing and where to call if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

 Bylaw Enforcement (park ambassadors) hired for the month of May (7 days a week, 7 hour shifts) to patrol parks providing education on social distancing, not to gather in groups and disinfecting surfaces.

In addition and in preparation for activities related to spring freshet, sandbags have been delivered to the Public Works Yard , Firehall and the Fairview Mountain Golf Course.

Public Works are monitoring creeks daily (Wolf Club Creek, Tin Horn, Hester and Testalinden) and are ready to respond as necessary. Currently Okanagan Lake has hit the targeted low pool and is now increasing about 1 cm per day. There are no concerns for Skaha Lake, Vaseaux Lake or Osoyoos Lake at this time.

Note to Town of Oliver staff

Wolf Cub Creek
Testalinda Creek
are the names most familiar to local residents

Not Wolf Club Creek, or Testalinden Creek

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Special Meeting – Osoyoos – April 27



· Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 1364, 2020 was read three times and adopted. The Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw 1361 was adopted by Council April 6th, which included a 2.98% increase to the municipal portion of the property taxes. At the direction of Council, the Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw 1364, 2020 was presented for Councils consideration and reflects a zero percent increase in the municipal portion of property taxes. The changes to the Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw allows for a zero percent increase in the municipal portion of property taxes and are referenced in the report from Jim Zakall, Director of Financial Services. The Order of the Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General under the Emergency Program Act, Ministerial Order No. M083 states, “Despite section 135 (3) of the Community Charter, a Council may adopt a bylaw on the same day that a bylaw has been given third reading.”

· Tax Rates Bylaw 1363, 2020 was read three times and adopted. The Tax Rates Bylaw 1363, which included a 2.98% increase to the municipal portion of taxes was brought forward for Council consideration on April 20th. Council directed staff that due to the COVID crisis they wanted the municipal portion of taxes to remain consistent with the 2019 amount. The 2020 Osoyoos Tax Rates Bylaw is in line with the revised Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw 1364, 2020 and includes a 0% increase in the municipal portion of property taxes. The due date for 2020 has been set to September 30th, with a 5% late payment penalty to be charged on any outstanding current taxes after the due date and a further 5% applied on the outstanding current balance December 31st.

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Creek watch

taken April 29

Hester Creek is running clear and clean – not seen water in last two weeks
Testalinda still running well – silty and murky

Reed and Tinhorn Creeks- dry – both areas seem to have retained all the melt.

Still to go – Shuttleworth Creek in Ok Falls

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banner hedge 2

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banner hedge 1

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Good morning…..

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